Professional Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting Services for Retail Merchants of Hawai'i
Premier Restoration Hawaii is excited to join the Retail Merchants of Hawaii as an Allied Member!  

Premier is locally owned and operated with over 20 years of business in Hawaii and is uniquely positioned to provide commercial deep cleaning and disinfecting services given our experience in bio hazard clean-up and water damage events where harmful microbial pathogens are present.

If you are a business looking to reopen safely, our Clean + Safe Program offers BOTH the initial deep cleaning and disinfecting of your space AND  training for your staff to maintain the level of sanitation needed to instill confidence in your returning customers and employeesThe training component we feel is essential in liberating businesses from having to rely on paying for a commercial service going forward.

With Premier Restoration Hawaii's Clean + Safe Program, you'll receive:
    • Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of your retail/commercial space from our IICRC Trained Staff 
    • Complete pre-clean of established key touchpoints to ensure pathogens are removed prior to disinfectant application
    • HEPA Vacuuming and/or wet wiping with an appropriate detergent solution
    • Application of EPA registered disinfectant to key touchpoints specific to the usage of your space.
    • Development of a customized set of guidelines to keep your business safe for your customers and employees
    • On-site training with your staff on proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures so that your staff can confidently maintain the routine cleaning schedule provided
    • Clean + Safe Program Certification - To instill confidence in your customers and building occupants, you'll receive a certification to post advising that your business is taking occupants' health and safety seriously.

For more information, please call us today or fill out a quote form. 

Here are our top tips for retail merchants looking to get started on cleaning and sanitation:

  1. Recognize cleaning and disinfecting are two different steps. Use different colored rags to prevent your disinfecting rag from becoming soiled
  2. Develop a list of key touchpoints. Key touchpoints should be defined as surfaces that are touched by multiple people, multiple times a day. Focus your cleaning efforts there. 
  3. Implement multiple rounds of Covid19 specific training. The National Retail Federation has several helpful, industry specific resources 
  4. Implement temperature checks and wellness surveys at the start of everyone’s shift to ensure your staff is safe and healthy to serve your patrons. 
Not interested in professional cleaning and disinfecting services but looking for some guidelines and info on how to develop and continue to implement a plan specific to your facility? 

*Download our FREE Reopening Guide Here !!

Check out our recommended list of key touchpoints that retail merchants should focus on for routine cleaning and disinfecting as featured on KHON2 News  :

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