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Mold Removal - Maui Island

Did you know that mold growth can begin in as little as 24-48 hours after a flood? For many homeowners, that isn’t even enough time to find a water extraction company, let alone consider the impact of mold and mildew!

Whether you have just had a flood in the house or are dealing with the aftereffects months later, contact Premier Restoration Hawaii. We can easily set up an emergency appointment for homeowners in Maui. Our mold removal team can swiftly dry out humid, moist, or wet areas, and begin the mold remediation process. We are able provide complete residential mold removal to ensure your family is happy and healthy in your home again.

Professional Mold Removal Services in Maui

A big part of what makes our mold remediation in Maui so effective is our cutting-edge methods. Our technicians wear Tyvek coveralls and protective gear when working in your home, so we stay safe and we don’t trudge debris everywhere. We also use HEPA-filtered vacuums to remove debris and mold. Finally, we apply an anti-microbial paint that resists the growth of mold to all surfaces. We’ll also use third-party testing to confirm that the success of our residential mold removal process.

Families who turn to Premier Restoration Hawaii also receive several additional benefits:

  • Emergency Appointments Available 24/7
  • Immediate or Less Response Guarantee
  • In-Depth Moisture Readings and Ventilation Inspections
  • Complete Mold Remediation and Cleanup
  • Affordable Home Restoration
  • Pre-Mold and Post-Mold Remediation Third-Party Testing

Grab a Precise Price Estimate on Our Maui Mold Removal Services

Are you tired of living with that musty smell in the air? And the black spots that keep coming back on the walls? Let Premier Restoration Hawaii help you with our efficient mold removal services in Maui. 

Call us or fill out our online form to speak with a representative right away. We’ll be happy to schedule a regular inspection or set up an emergency appointment.