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Premier Emergency Services

If you find yourself dealing with an emergency, whether it’s a fire, flood, storm, or mold event, Premier Restoration Hawaii is here for you. We have the expertise and technology to repair and restore your home or business in any emergency situation. As members of the industry’s leading organization in restoration response, Disaster Kleenup International (DKI), our team is prepared for whatever disaster may come your way. We offer high-quality emergency services to residential and commercial buildings here in Hawaii. Our goal is to respond immediately with support and resources to help you get your life and business back to normal.

Our technicians work closely with you to identify the problem, implement our high-end strategies to resolve the situation, and prevent any further damages from happening. You never know when a disaster is going to find its way into your home or office. That’s why we’re here for you every step of the way with our 24/7 emergency services.

Emergency Restoration Services in Hawaii

Our emergency restoration services mean that we have expert technicians on call around the clock. We provide safe, fast, and effective mold removal and water damage extraction solutions no matter what emergency you find yourself in.

Our skilled team wastes no time when it comes to damage control. Our 24/7 call center is always available to receive emergency calls and mobilize our team no matter when disaster strikes. We know how valuable your time and money are, and our goal is to fix the situation as quickly and effectively as possible to minimize damages.

Emergency services we provide include:

  • 24/7 residential emergency response: With our quick response team, we respond immediately to ensure that your family is safe and healthy.
  • 24/7 commercial emergency response: Our professionally-trained, quick-response emergency service team will be there quickly to protect you and your business when disaster strikes.
  • Residential water damage removal and restoration: Call us after a storm or flood, and we’ll get your home dry and your life back to normal in no time.
  • Commercial water damage removal and restoration: Water damage can do serious harm to a commercial building and to your business operations, so our emergency water removal services have what it takes to get your business up and running quickly after a disaster.
  • Residential fire and smoke damage restoration: If your home has fire or smoke damage, our expert technicians are here to restore your environment to be safe and healthy again for your family.
  • Commercial fire and smoke damage restoration: If your business has suffered a fire emergency, let our professionals get your company back on its feet fast.
  • Residential wind damage removal and restoration: When a storm knocks your home off its feet, our skilled experts are here to help you put it back together again.
  • Commercial wind damage removal and restoration: With our state of the art equipment and technology, our team will repair all of the damage caused by an unexpected wind event.
  • Residential mold removal: We know how dangerous mold can be to you and your family. Trust in our expertise to help you return your home to a safe and mold-free state.
  • Commercial mold removal: Don’t let mold ruin your business. Our expert technicians have the skills and resources to keep your commercial space safe and clean.
  • Sewage clean up: When you’re facing a sewage spill or leak, our team can swing into action to make your home looks as good as new.
  • Residential structural drying: When you experience damage by flooding, storms, or plumbing leaks, we can make sure your entire home is dry and free of mold to prevent any future issues.
  • Commercial structural drying: Your business is our business, and we want to make sure that no matter the emergency, your entire commercial space stays dry to prevent any future mold or water damages.
  • Temporary Air Conditioning Cooling Solutions: The loss of air conditioning can be uncomfortable and disruptive to your business. Premier Restoration Hawaii's temporary A/C rental solutions provide relief as you work to restore your air conditioning systems to full working condition. We have a variety of options to cool down everything from individual rooms to entire buildings. 

Ready to Learn More about our Affordable Hawaii Emergency Services?

If the unexpected happens to your home or business, we’re here to help. Call Premier Restoration Hawaii for Immediate emergency response or fill out a quick online quote form for any of your other mold, water, or fire damage issues! We’ll help get you back on your feet in no time.