There’s nothing like a bad smell to send your customers running for the exit. When you have problems with musty, moldy, or foul odors in your building, call Green Home Solutions of Hawaii. We offer commercial odor control service in Ewa Beach using active ingredients to destroy unwanted odors. It doesn’t matter what the cause of your problem, our team can remove it. We’ll utilize effective commercial odor control solutions to help bring customers back in the door.

Ewa Beach Odor Solutions

Unpleasant odors create a bad first impression for customers who walk into your business. Having to deal with these smells while working also impacts employee morale. We’ll start you off with a Healthy Building Audit at no cost. If the problem seems to be mold or mildew, we’ll provide commercial mold testing to confirm it. Our trained odor removal technicians can also point out any other issues that may be encouraging the growth of mold, such as poor ventilation.

Our commercial odor removal services involve the application of specially formulated products made from a blend of plant-based ingredients. These ingredients bond with odor causing particles and eliminate them to get rid of smells. You’ll find many options in our Odor Solutions program, including:

  • Fire and Smoke Odor Removal
  • Mold Odor Removal
  • Rodent/Animal Odor Removal
  • Professional Odor Removal

Get Started with a Free Ewa Beach Commercial Odor Removal Consultation

When scrubbing the floors and walls of your lobby isn’t doing it, you may have an underlying problem causing that unpleasant smell. Turn to Green Home Solutions of Hawaii for help with removing mold, mildew, animal, and smoke odors. We’ll provide a free home audit and arrange for mold testing if needed. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started with your free commercial odor removal consultation in Ewa Beach.

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