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Residential Water Damage Restoration Following a Roof Leak

High winds caused roof damage which resulted in a leak that caused extensive water damage to the interior of a Central Oahu home.  Following roof repairs, Premier Restoration Hawai’i was called in to perform an inspection of damages and to provide an estimate for water damage to the walls and ceilings in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, living room and a back bedroom of the home.

After estimates were approved by the homeowner’s insurance policy, our contents division the moved the customer’s personal property into two storage containers in the affected areas.  All moved personal property were inventoried with photo documentation, packed out and placed into storage at our warehouse.

Due to the home being built in 1979, we performed testing on popcorn textured ceilings and drywall joint compound which came back positive for asbestos.  Our asbestos abatement team then went in to perform demolition of all water damaged walls and ceilings and removed the asbestos containing popcorn textured ceilings and drywall throughout the home.

Following the asbestos removal, our reconstruction project manager met with the customer to go over materials selections for the areas of the home in repair as well as upgrades that the customer chose to pursue for areas of the home that were not covered by the insurance claim. Once estimates for reconstruction were approved, our reconstruction team replaced the areas of removed drywall and impacted walls and ceilings.  They also removed the remaining wallpaper in the living room before priming, texturing and painting ceilings and walls throughout the home to provide a smooth finish. 

In the kitchen area, our team reinstalled the salvaged kitchen cabinets that had been detached during abatement.  The kitchen’s titled countertops were replaced with a quartz countertop upgrade as selected by the owner.  The customer also purchased a new stove range, dishwasher, refrigerator and sink basin during the repair process which our team installed in conjunction with the ongoing work in the home.

For the back bedroom that was affected, the popcorn ceilings were scraped and then applied smooth finish, primed, and painted. 

Because the hardwood flooring at the entry of the home was water damaged beyond repair, the flooring in the entryway as well as the hallway and hallway closets adjacent to the entryway, were replaced with brand new hardwood flooring.

For final touches, our reconstruction team went through the home to provide final touch up paint and our contents team returned to pack-in all personal property that was removed from the home for the repair process.