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We were called with the fire in progress and were asked to quickly secure the building and prepare for damage repair. The fire consumed 70% of the commercial structure fronting requiring same day temporary exterior lighting, board-up and fencing for all 12 floors. We cleaned all 120 condos in a span of 4 days allowing vacation rental operations to resume and reconstruction of damaged condos to occur. We constructed an illuminated temporary tower access bypassing damaged areas of the fire as well as temporary parking lot lighting.

On behalf of the building management, we acted as liaison to multiple building vendors—from pool maintenance to alarm system to commercial laundry—to ensure a timely coordinated return to a semblance of business as usual.

Our Services

  • Emergency Mitigation – 24/7

    We provide prompt, Immediate-or-less emergency response to events affecting businesses, commercial and residential settings.

  • Water Damage & Extraction

    A complete arsenal of extraction solutions for water removal, drying, and dehumidification to return your affected facility or residence back to pre-event quality.

  • Mold Removal & Remediation

    Comprehensive, state-of-the-art removal of all microbial hazards supported by professional third-party verification of all work done.

  • Fire & Smoke Damage

    Full removal of all building materials affected by fire damage. A thorough removal of all odors associated with the fire.

  • Drying & Dehumidification

    We use market-leading drying and dehumidification technologies to quickly and professionally reduce the damage caused by water.

  • Commercial Structural Drying

    Drying of complex commercial structures requiring specialty drying equipment and training. We have the equipment and are one of the best in the industry.

  • Contents/Pack-Out Services & Storage

    We offer a complete packing, inventorying and relocation service for building or residential contents providing a secure location during structural repairs and mitigation.

  • Contents and Document Restoration

    We offer exhaustive restoration of contents and documents affected by water, smoke or sewage.

  • Demolition Services

    We provide professional, controlled removal of building or residential components with an emphasis on salvaging and appropriate retention of non-affected areas.

  • General Reconstruction

    Unlike many operations locally, we offer an inclusive set of reconstructive services, ensuring occupants are not left to wonder who will finish the job.

  • Air Duct Cleaning

    Professional cleaning and treatment of air conditioning ducting, reducing allergens and microbial hazards.

  • Temporary HVAC

    Temporary engineering controls to supplement or replace existing building HVAC.

  • Odor Control

    We forensically identify the source and remove any and all unwanted odors in your indoor environment.

  • Dehumidification Services

    A complete set of temporary engineering controls to supplement or replace existing building HVAC systems.

  • Air-Scrubbing

    We provide temporary engineering controls to remove allergens and microbial hazards in the air to provide a safe working and living environment.

  • Emergency Board-Up

    A critical early step, we quickly and securely seal up a property when the building or residential envelope had been damaged from an accident or sudden event.