We asked each of our Head of Operations for Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island and Kauai locations to share their top tips for avoiding a flood in your home and here's what they had to share. Each tip is simple to follow and apply in your home to prevent a completely avoidable flood due to a plumbing or appliance failure. 

Top Tips To Avoid a Flood in Your Home:

1. Use threaded fittings & stainless steel supply lines whenever possible.

2. Check the water pressure in your home to ensure that it does not exceed 60 PSI. The risk of breaking a supply line and causing a leak goes up as your water pressure crosses this 60 PSI threshold.  An inexpensive pressure gauge, which you can purchase at any hardware or home improvement store, will do just the trick when checking the water pressure in your home.

3. Replace your water heater every 10-15 Years.

4. Replace supply lines to sinks, toilets and appliances every 3 to 5 years unless the supply lines are made of more durable materials like copper or other metals. 

5. Check weekly around connections and fixtures for slow leaks. 

If ever your home does fall prey to a flood or water damage event, please be sure to give the Premier Restoration Hawaii team a call for immediate 24/7 emergency response. Responding as soon as possible to the discovery of water damage will help to mitigate damages as much as possible and avoid damages from worsening if left unaddressed.