The best thing you can do immediately following a flood or discovering water damage is to call a professional and certified water damage restoration company in order to minimize damages and begin the structural drying process.  However, following a large weather event where there is large spread flooding and lack of access to certain areas due to fallen trees or shut down roads, professional response can be delayed.  

Before a team of certified water damage experts arrive on site, we recommend the following tips to our customers which are all things that YOU can do immediately following a flood:

  1. Get Water Out Quickly:  Remove as much water as possible by mopping or blotting the affected area with towels or a dry wet vacuum if handy.
  2. Turn Off the Utilities:  In a serious water event, turn off the power to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.
  3. Do Not Use Any Electrical Appliances:  If your carpet or flooring is wet, do not use electrical appliances to avoid electrocution
  4. Move Belongings to a Dry Location:  Move wet belongings and furniture to a dry area. Lift furniture onto blocks or slide a square of aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent the wood stain from bleeding into carpeting.
  5. Remove Area Rugs from the Floor:  Remove area rugs to avoid carpet dyes from staining flooring, carpeting and wood floors.
  6. Watch Out for Debris:  Be mindful of dislodged materials such as nails that could be present in the water flowing through your home.
  7. Don’t Throw Anything Out:  Don’t throw out expensive or valued belongings even if they got wet and are now not working. Be sure to document a thorough list of damaged items with photos and videos as soon as you can which will help the claim adjustment process.