Covid-19 has undoubtedly left its mark on the business practices of building managers for both residential, commercial and mixed use buildings.

As the Covid-19 health crises continues and information remains fluid, property and building managers have been forced to make informed yet immediate decisions to keep building occupants safe.  We acknowledge that this is an overwhelming task and held a free, virtual event on October 1, 2020 to answer the many questions of building mangers across the state of Hawaii.  
For the event, we teamed up with our expert panel made up of:
Sue Savio, President, Insurance Associates, Inc to discuss impacts to homeowner associations' insurance policies
Russell Okoji, Principal Technical Advisor, Environmental Risk Analysis to discuss best practices for Covid-19 Response and how to select a contractor
Bill Weber,  Restoration Industry Consultant of Richard Avelar + Associates, to highlight the latest findings and protocols impacting the restoration industry which continues to respond to building perils in the midst of a pandemic.
Watch the engaging discussion below!

Key highlights:

  • Business Interruption/ Loss of Rental Income: Property policy will not cover the loss of use or loss of rental income for all the businesses that have been forced to close because of the pandemic due to government order. In order to be insured, there has to be damage to the premise, building or structure you operate out of by an insured peril (Fire, lightening, windstorm, smoke damage, hail, smoke, water overflow those types of situations are considered coverable by an insurance policy).
  • Any expense to disinfect a building is not an insured coverage and must be paid out of home owners association fees
  • New Exclusion Form - Expect new form upon insurance policy renewal called Form #GC 21 31 05 09 - Future policies will specifically exclude coverage of communicable diseases (like COVID-19)
  • The protocols for clearance testing are evergreen, based on science and are constantly being updated as more information develops
  • Use EPA N-List for specific disinfectants to use against Covid-19 -
  • A Physical wipe down is crucial for picking up the viral load on any service. You can't just spray disinfectant and assume it’s disinfected
  • The moment the Covid-19 Response contractor leaves the space and someone walks into a space, the space could be decontaminated again
  • Don’t recommend “Testing for Covid-19” The air test and swab tests that are available are extremely expensive, limited in their effectiveness and still produce  false positives and false negatives as well as a long result time.
  • Don’t allow your remediation contractor to perform their own clearance. That's akin to grading your own test. Be sure to have a vetted environmental testing partner to help with confirming clearance. 

If you are interested in Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services OR emergency Covid-19 Response due to a positive case, please be sure to call the experienced and trained team here at Premier Restoration Hawaii.