Jahren from our mitigation team takes us into a contained area of a recent multi-unit water damage event that we responded to at a senior care center.  Especially in a critical care environment where we are dealing with heightened health sensitivities, containment barriers are the best way to perform comprehensive structural drying techniques without impacting building occupants' health.

While it's an easy step to overlook, setting up containment barriers during the structural drying process help to avoid cross contamination and provide a number of other benefits which include:

  • Keep building occupants safe - before removing any unsalvageable building materials, containment barriers are set up to keep dust and any other debris within the work area.
  • Avoid cross contamination - If mold has grown on any impacted building materials needing to be removed, containment barriers will keep any airborne mold spores from cross contaminating the other parts of the site during the removal process.
  • Avoid additional clean up of unrelated areas of the site and or mold cross contamination
  • Clean the air within the affected space- A HEPA filter is used to create negative air pressure to capture any released spores and filter clean air within the contained space.

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Containment Barrier Water Damage Restoration