Mold Removal

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Before we get into it on prevention, it's important to have an understanding of how mold grows to begin with. 

There are three things that mold needs in order to sustain life. If you can eliminate one of these three things from the equation, you can effectively prevent mold from growing. Mold needs the following to sustain life…

1.  Moisture – Now this can be moisture in either a liquid or vapor form. Such sources can include….

a.  Plumbing failures
b.  Rain / Flooding
c.  High Relative humidity

2.  A food source – Mold needs a cellulose (plant) based material to grow on. The greater the concentration of cellulose, the greater the food source. Examples include

a.  The kraft paper backing of drywall
b.  Wood
c.  Biofilm – the atmospheric soil that mixes with moisture in the air and settles on surfaces  

3.  A relative absence of light – Now mold can grow in light but it prefers to have an absence of light locations include

a.  Inside wall cavities
b.  Attics and crawlspaces
c.  In the shade (not direct sunlight)

Once you understand the founding principals of what mold needs to survive, it becomes very easy to understand how to prevent it. 

Below are our top 5 tips for preventing mold growth in your home!

1.  Plenty of ventilation – If air is allowed and encouraged to freely move in your home, this will prevent any condensation.

2.  Responding quickly when water issues occur – most small water issues can be remedied on your own as long as you clean them up immediately and make every effort to dry. Simply using towels to remove standing water and placing a fan can prevent most water issues from becoming a mold issue

3.  Maintain your building envelope – Siding and roofing needs to be periodically inspected, maintained and sometimes replaced. Knowing the condition of your building envelope can help you plan for if & when these items will need attention

4.  Use synthetic materials – for example, if you pack your stored belongings in plastic totes vs cardboard boxes before loading them into your attic, you remove a food source for mold to grow

5.  Keep areas clean – particularly in high humidity environments having a good cleaning program will prevent the accumulation of biofilm, a food source for mold. 

However, if you suspect you have a mold problem, please call the professionals at Premier Restoration Hawaii and we'd be happy to help with an inspection and a quote. Responding quickly to the issue can save you money and avoid further structural damages as well as indoor air quality issues that affect the air you breath.