With everything going on in the world, it's easy to forgot that indeed, we're in the midst of the 2020 Hurricane Season for the Pacific. And while it's luckily expected to be a mild hurricane season, we are closely watching Hurricane Douglas as it heads toward the Hawaiian Islands currently as a Category 3 hurricane.  While it is expected to slow in speed as it nears the Hawaiian Islands, it is expected to bring Heavy Rains and Strong winds to parts of Hawai'i beginning this Sunday

Should Hurricane Douglas or any tropical storm or hurricane affect us this hurricane season, you will want to absolutely avoid doing any of the following after a storm passes.

Our top tips on what NOT-TO-DO Following a Storm:

  1. Delay response to water damage
    Water damage causes the greatest expense when restoring a property following a storm.  Delaying the water damage restoration process can cause bacteria & mold to grow along with the expense.  

  2. Remove your Board Up too soon
    Most storms come in a series.  Often one storm will be followed by another.  Consider leaving your board up in place until the forecast is clear.

  3. Run your generator 24/7
    Depending on the severity of the storm, if you'r out of power, the gas station is also likely out of power.  Use your fuel wisely.

  4. Cross running streams
    After a storm, streams are usually running above capacity with a variety of debris coming down with them. Wait until stream flow has lessened and roadways are clear before attempting to cross.

  5. Get Electrocuted
    Tree branches lying on wires is all too common following a storm.  Know where electrical wires are at all times to avoid being electrocuted!