Whether due to an appliance malfunction, leaky pipe or storm, a flood can cause incredible amounts of damage to your home or facility.   

Should you ever experience water damage or a flood, DO NOT DO any of the following:

1.  Delay response – Most water damage issues can be remedied simply if responded to immediately by a professional water damage restorer. With time, the size of the issue can grow as the water becomes increasingly more unsanitary and mold can begin to grow.

2.  Assume everything is dry – Moisture can be present even when everything looks and feels dry. Confirming building materials are dry with a moisture meter is the only way to insure more damage isn’t occurring.

3.  Turn drying equipment off – While we agree that the drying equipment is loud, for every hour a fan or dehumidifier isn’t on, you delay the completion of drying by two hours

4.  Attempt to salvage items with cosmetic damage – Laminate floors are a good example of this. Often, we’re asked if we can dry laminate floors, my answer is always yes we can but we cannot fix the swelling that occurs to the flooring once wet. Items like these are best removed as soon as possible. The less material we have to dry, the faster the building material that can be salvaged will dry.

5.  Keep Electricity Running – Take the time to flip off any circuit breakers in the affected area while standing water is present. The combination of water and electricity is dangerous and you could electrocute yourself.

Our best advice in the event of a flood? Call a professional water damage restoration company like us at Premier Restoration Hawai'i. We provide 24/7 emergency response so that, no matter day or night, when a flood strikes, you can strike back quickly to avoid further damages from occurring or mold growth.