Check out our article below featured in Pacific Business News which lists our recommendations for what businesses should do to ensure that their employees and customers are returning to a clean and safe space as many of us look to reopening. 

Premier Restoration Hawaii specializes in cleanups following a fire, mold or water event such as sewer backup, but lately Anthony Nelson is getting calls from businesses wanting to make sure their workplaces are free of Covid-19.

As an essential business, Nelson’s company has been working during the state’s stay-at-home order to help businesses disinfect their workspaces, in addition to its other remediation jobs, which make up 95% of its work. Some of the jobs have involved spaces where someone tested positive or was suspected of having the coronavirus, while others were for companies just looking to make sure their spaces were clean, said Nelson, who is Premier Restoration Hawaii's chief commercial officer.

Premier Restoration has 147 employees across the Islands, but Nelson has kept a skeleton crew at his three offices on Maui, where the company was founded, Oahu and Hawaii Island, since the statewide order went into effect.

He stocked up on personal protective equipment, which the company routinely uses, before the shortages were reported, and he recently bought a temporal thermometer for each location so workers can check their temperatures when they report for work. Most of his office staff is working from home.

The safety issues around disinfecting surfaces in an office or other commercial building are similar to what his workers deal with when there is a sewer backup full of bacteria and viruses. Nelson said the materials being used are the same for a sewer cleanup, but the procedures are more like a mold remediation, since the coronavirus is airborne, similar to mold spores.

“Our background is in critical cleaning,” Nelson said. “My guys have someone come in and test behind them on every job so they are really good at what they do.”

Nelson put together a checklist businesses can use before they reopen their spaces to employees or customers:

  • Always use PPE such as gloves and a mask when handling cleaning products and disinfectants.
  • Clean high-touch surfaces such as door handles, keyboards, light switches, toilet levers, the office refrigerator and microwave, cash registers, printers, point of sale equipment, first because all soil must be removed for a disinfectant to work.
  • Next, a complete cleaning of every surface, including floors, countertops, desks, break room tables, chairs and couches.
  • Once the surfaces are clean, use a bleach-based, alcohol-based, or EPA-registered disinfectant.
  • Leave disinfectant on the surface for at least one minute before wiping away.
  • For workplaces that have been exposed to COVID-19, full PPE including a Tyvel suit, gloves, full face mask and respirator are required for the cleanup and to avoid cross contamination.