There is so much to consider in the aftermath of a devastating fire to your Hawaii home.  Not only is extensive water damage from fire fighting efforts a concern but also smoke and soot damage to all affected materials. Amplifying the problem beyond the home directly affected, smoke and soot damage can affect materials in adjacent homes as well.

When dealing with fire damage, it's important to hire a professional like Premier Restoration Hawaii. With the equipment necessary for effective clean-up and restoration, we can prevent further damage from occurring and can also spare you from exposing yourself to major health risks if attempting to do it yourself.
One of the effective tools that we use in the fire damage restoration process is Media Blasting otherwise known as Soda Blasting.  Soda blasting is an effective cleaning solution for both residential and commercial fire damage restoration projects that uses sodium bicarbonate (A.K.A. a type of baking soda) shot from a blaster onto all affected surfaces.  Not only does it remove the visible soot damage but also effectively deodorizes that charred smell that lingers long after a fire has been extinguished. 
Check out our team below during a clean up of a fire damaged home on Maui.
If your home has been affected by fire, smoke, or soot damage, give the professionals at Premier Restoration Hawaii a call today!