At Premier Restoration Hawai'i, we put first our employees' health and safety.  Especially in the dynamic work environments where our employees are required to lift heavy equipment necessary for water damage response and can be exposed to hazardous materials like asbestos or lead, safety training is critical!

Every week, our Safety Manager, Ashley Giffard hosts a Safety Huddle that's just a notch above your average meeting.

Our meetings typically start out with a Stretch and Flex session to encourage mobility and to avoid on the job injuries.  A different division (Mitigation, Reconstruction, Contents, Commercial, Abatement) leads the stretch every week and chooses a song  (electric slide, cupid shuffle, journey, etc). This allows everyone to participate, get creative with their song choice (no one's judging but that song better be a good one!) and truly get into the groove of the meeting. 

Nothing like a good morning Electric Slide with a few added moves to start your day off right!

Every week, a new safety topic is covered. 

Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Respiratory Protection and Defensive Driving have all been hot topics for our crew.  Answer a question correctly, and win a prize! 

And it wouldn't be a true Premier Restoration Hawaii Safety Huddle 

without a meaningful Hawaiian word-of-the-day:

Ho’oponopono – Make right, Forgiveness

Ha’aha’a - Be Humble, Appreciate

At the end of every safety meeting, we all huddle together and do a "1,2,3 -Safety!--the warehouse echos, the high fives fly and we can all go out into our days feeling energized and aligned.

All in all, Premier Restoration Hawai'i Safety Huddles are intended to bring life saving safety awareness to our employees and to bring us together as one Ohana with of course some good laughs along the way😊