How do I know if I have existing water damage?

  • Water Accumulation – Look for areas of pooling water in and around your home. This is typically the most visible sign of water damage and can signify a leaking roof or faulty draining pipes.
  • Discoloration – water if left unchecked can stain walls and carpets with a brown, rusty color .
  • Lifting Floorboards – When floorboards become saturated, they can expand and unstick themselves for their base. See photo below.
Odor – One of the most obvious signs of water damage is one you can hardly miss – its smell! Water damage has an odor caused by microbial growth. The mildewy, muggy smell common in damp areas like the shower in your home, is a sign of water damage due to certain porous materials like drywall acting like a sponge and absorbing water. The saturated building material provide the perfect condition for mold growth which causes the not-so-nice odors to develop.

Last minute measures to avoid further water damage:

  • Clear gutters, drains and downspouts – with the ground already super saturated, you want to make sure your gutters are squeaky clean to direct water away from the siding and foundation of your home.
  • Move furniture, rugs, electronics and other belongings to upper floors, OR raise them off of the ground floor. Cement blocks work great to lift furniture off of the floor of a room that could potentially flood.  A square of aluminum foil under furniture legs help to prevent the wood stain from bleeding in to the carpet.
  • Shut off electricity at the breaker panel. To avoid electrocution, do not use any electrical appliances if your carpet or flooring is wet.
  • Elevate major appliances onto concrete blocks if they’re in danger of being flooded to avoid short circuiting.
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