Premier Restoration Hawaii recommends how to save money by focusing on specific areas of your home.

1.  Supply Lines

Choosing the right material for plumbing appliance supply lines is important. Simply choosing a stainless-steel braided rubber hose with threaded connections over other materials can prevent future plumbing issues.

2.  Water Purification Systems

In addition to plumbing, poor quality supply lines can also cause problems with your water purification systems. We recommend that you use a stainless-steel braided rubber hose with threaded connections in this regard as well. 

3.  Regular Drain/Waste Line Maintenance

Get a regular maintenance plan with a plumbing vendor. With this plan, you will be able to get an idea of the age of your pipes.

4.  After-the-fact Roof Penetrations/Modifications

Contact your roofer to ensure that your roof is safe! After getting roof work done on your home, you should always check with your roofer on how to prevent a leak or other issues that may occur.

For more information on how to prevent these issues, please contact Premier Restoration Hawaii today!