As Hurricane Olivia moves over the islands with predicted heavy rains, strong winds and high surf, here is our list of must-have items to prepare you best for this storm:

1.  Water – You’ll need one gallon per person per day for two weeks. You will need water for cooking, cleaning as well as water purification and filtration supplies

2.  Food Storage – you’ll want at least 3 to 7 days worth of prepared food as well as non-perishable packaged or canned foods.  You will also need to have fuel for cooking outdoors in the event that the power goes out.

3.  Solar Power – Should your area lose power, you can run a solar generator in your home avoiding flammable propane or gasoline options.  Even a small solar device to charge you smaller electric items like your cell phone or other important electronics can go a long way. Here’s one that works great -

4.   Waterproof Containers- Containers that are water-resistant and water-proof are crucial for protecting important documents (Home Owner’s Insurance, social security cards, driver’s licenses, maps of the area etc).

5.  Cash- You should have cash on hand in small denominations, including change in the suggested amount of $200 or more.

6.  Manual can opener - Make sure to have a manual can opener in the event that you lose power so that you have a way to open your canned, non-perishable foods. A multi-tool like this with a can opener is very handy -

7.  Stormproof /Waterproof matches –  If you don’t have waterproof matches, be mindful to keep your regular matches safe and dry in a container.  Here's a link to some we found on Amazon for stormproof matches

8.  Essential First Aid Kit and Medication - Make sure to have at least a 2 week supply of all prescription medications.

9.  Sanitation Supplies/Personal Hygiene Items

10.  Light and communication  - Use a battery-operated radio, flashlight, clock or wind-up clock and tune into NOAA weather radio for updates on the storm and outside conditions.

11.  Extra clothes, pillows, blankets -These items will need to be stored in your emergency kit or in a waterproof container.

12.  Hurricane shutters or Storm Panels - Hurricane shutters or panels over your windows can protect your windows and doors from wind and flying debris.

Board up of front window of a house

13.  Sandbags – Filled sandbags can be useful in redirecting storm water and debris flow away from your home. Follow this link for a how-to on properly filling and maintaining sandbags

Premier Restoration Hawaii team filling sandbag in preparation for the storm

14.  Entertainment Items – That’s right, because waiting out a hurricane indoors can be an awfully boring event, you’ll want to have playing cards, board games, toys, drawing pads and books handy to keep yourself occupied and your mind away from the stressful experience.

15.  Flood Insurance/ Home and Property Insurance- Because most home insurance policies DO NOT cover flooding, it’s important to identify your flood risks and look into whether purchasing flood insurance prior to a large storm is important to you based on your location. Be sure to also check your home owner’s insurance policy to see if hurricane damage is covered under your policy.

16.  Plastic Sheeting/Tarps - You can use plastic sheeting to cover any holes or damage to your roof directly following a hurricane until the holes can be properly repaired to avoid any further damages caused by water intrusion into your home. 

17.  Tools/Supplies for securing your home- Drill with a screwdriver bit to secure hurricane board up or shutters. Have roof and window repair tools, rope, leather gloves, shovel, head and foot bolts for doors, and hurricane straps or clips.

MYTH!!! Using duct tape to secure your windows to reduce shattering is a myth that has been de-bunked by the National Hurricane Center as the taping of your windows can create larger and deadlier shards of glass when winds blow through your home.

18.  Insect Repellent - Be sure to include insect repellent in your emergency supply kit.  Large sitting pools of water that attract mosquitos can form following the heavy rains of a hurricane.

19.   Child Care and Pet Care items

20.   Whistles and Flares - Whistles and flares are excellent tools to signal for help during a hurricane. Whistles are more effective than shouting and allow you to conserve much needed energy.