While hardwood flooring is an aesthetically beautiful design choice in your home, they are notoriously difficult to dry if affected by a flood or water damage.

Even if you think the wood floors LOOK dry after using a bunch of towels to sop up the excess water, the wood can still buckle later. 

Our standard operating procedure when addressing precious hardwood floors that have been damaged by water, is to employ Injectidry floor boards.  This special drying equipment extracts water OUT while our system of ducted wood floor drying equipment pushes dry air UNDER the flooring to run through the pockets under the flooring where moisture can build up.

To avoid your gorgeous yet vulnerable hardwood floors from turning into a mold damaged, warped mess, it is crucial that you hire an expert to thoroughly dry your hardwood floors as soon as possible. This could save you costly repairs and avoid floorboards from swelling or having to replace flooring altogether.

If your precious hardwood flooring have experienced water damage or a flood, call Premier Restoration Hawaii today and we will have it dried correctly the first time to minimize damages and potential costs. 

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