Let's face it - Mold in the home is not fun!

Not only is it very difficult to get rid of once present, it is also detrimental to the quality of the air in your home and responsible for a number of different respiratory irritants.

And all it needs to grow are the following ingredients:

  • Moisture
  • Warmth 
  • Oxygen
  • A food source (wood, drywall, cotton)
  • Time (approximately 72 hours of extensive moisture)

And since all of the other elements are typically present in your home at all times, MOISTURE is really the key to causing extensive mold problems. Coupled with Hawaii’s year around humid weather, it’s not a matter of if you have mold but when and if the severity of its presence affects the health of your home and indoor air quality.

While the most common sources of large mold cases we come across are caused by untreated water damage from a flood or a leaky pipe, here is a list of other common causes of mold growth within the home to be aware of and to hopefully avoid before any extensive remediation project is ever needed.


1.  Poorly installed or insufficient insulation

2.  Lack of sufficient ventilation

3.  Kitchen or bath venting into the attic

4.  Clutter eliminating air flow and cardboard boxes absorbing moisture


1.  Leaks around windows and doors due to wood rot, caulking cracks and faulty installations

2.  Absorbent insulation in areas that generate high humidity such as laundry rooms and bathrooms

3.  Leaks from refrigerator ice maker lines, dishwasher and washing machine connections

4.  Lack of exhaust ventilation in areas of high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms

5.  General plumping leaks


1.  Roof leaks and flashing issues

2.  Improper grading

3.  Clogged gutters, downspouts not discharging water away from the building

4.  Lawn sprinklers too close to the building

5.  Gaps around electrical fixtures and pipes penetrating the exterior kin

6.  Leaks around windows and doors due to wood rot, caulking cracks, and faulty installations

Should you identify or come across what you believe to be mold caused by water damage that you feel is affecting both the structural soundness and indoor air quality of your home, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We have industry certified technicians who will not only be able to advise you on the extent of your mold damage but also on how we can help you to get rid of it.

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