If you have experienced a flood and your carpet was damaged, can it be saved? Well, that depends. 

Because carpets tend to be highly permeable allowing for a high degree of evaporation, carpets are most often salvageable if the water source of the cause of the flood is a clean water source. However if it is a Category 2 or 3 water source (brown water sources), the carpet and carpet pad should always be removed and replaced following extraction.

Floating the carpet is a method employed to salvage water damaged.  As demonstrated by our IICRC Water Damage certified technician Chase,  when floating the carpet, the wet carpet is lifted from the subfloor by removing the carpet from the carpet tack strips, and the, after discarding the wet, unsalvageable carpet pad beneath, a layer of warm, dry air from an air mover is applied to dry out the carpet and the subfloor beneath it with one or a number of airmovers.   To allow optimal evaporation of additional moisture in the air and the water damaged carpet, dehumidifiers are set up in the home and monitored on a daily basis to ensure that atmospheric moisture levels are steadily decreasing.

If your home was recently flooded and your carpet was damaged by water, please do not hesitate to call. With our 24/7 Emergency Water Extraction team as well are our new carpet cleaning division, Premier Restoration Hawaii and our highly trained team of IICRC certified Water Damage professionals are standing by to help return your home so that it is clean, safe and dry.