Water is the driving force of all nature.  It is wild and beautiful in its purest form which, being on an island surrounded by it, we are able to reflect on daily.

However, water in your home – not so beautiful!

It’s destructive, can quickly affect the value of your home and can open you up to liabilities when it comes to poor indoor air quality.  The best way to protect your home or building from loss related to water damage is to ensure that the components that enclose the structure are indeed water- resistant by first inspecting common areas where water intrusion occurs.

Common Sources of Water Intrusion:

1.  Windows and doors

2.  Roof – Leaks can occur around exhaust or plumbing vents, or other engineering systems like air conditioning

3.  Foundation and Exterior Walls

4.  Plumbing -Dripping pipes (beneath sinks or even from your fire sprinkler system) and damaged drainage systems.

5.  Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) systems- Chilled water piping and drains to catch condensation can cause excessive moisture that causes water damage.

Be sure to establish a routine building maintenance program to monitor these high-risk areas to avoid excess water accumulating. If water intrusion does occur, act quickly and thoroughly and contact us immediately! As building maintenance professionals, Premier Restoration Hawaii will be able to provide cost effective solutions to prevent further damage from occurring and help you to come up with a plan to avoid future loss situations from occurring.