In the spirit of a good old fashioned pre-game tailgating party, Premier Restoration Hawai'i and our buddy Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks gathered our closest industry friends on April 13 to celebrate our official launch here on Oahu.

With the whiskey , wine and beer flowing, heavy pupus of kobe beef sliders and chicken wings to name a few, University of Hawaii Rainbow Cheerleaders, our emcee and “referee” Trini Kaopuiki of KHON2, and of course our buddy Mike Bennett in attendance, our goal was to simply bring our friends together for a great time; something that given our 24/7 industry does not happen near enough!

Our program started with Trini announcing our “Dehu Drill” -similar to football drills not unfamiliar to our pro footballer, the Dehu Dash or Dehumidifier Dash is meant to promote agility and reaction time in our immediate response. Take a look at our SVP of Operations, Anthony Nelson who we pitted against Michael Bennett  in the drill. Can you guess who came out a champ?!

Details and photos from the event are here.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make this night a great success. Can’t wait to see you all and more at the next one!

When it comes to throwing events, we don’t mess around!