Well, good news is that if you’re reading this, you survived the worst of this week’s torrential rains and weather as it dissipates to the northeast allowing for another lovely and SUNNY Aloha Friday here in Hawaii.  However before you bust out the boards and coolers and park it at Sandy’s all weekend, take advantage of these drier conditions to CHECK YOUR GUTTERS, remove clogs maybe even install a nifty dragon shaped downspout extension like this one (a normal downspout will also do).  

If you’ve got a mango tree like I do in your yard, you can assume, there are probably at the least some to an entire tree full of leaves needing to be cleared from your gutter so that it can catch and drain water properly during the next heavy rain.

Signs your gutter is clogged:

Notice any of the following during this past week's big rain? 

·  Water spilling over the edges of the gutter?

·  Water spraying like a fountain from the gutter seams and elbow joints?

·  Water blocked from flowing out the bottom of downspout extensions?

Or, how about now that it’s not raining, notice any :

·  Eroded earth directly below a gutter?

·  Peeling paint on siding of the gutter?

·  Wet, moist, or dirty siding beneath the gutter?

·  Gutters pulling away from the fascia caused by excessive weight?

Well, then chances are, you’ve got a CLOGGED GUTTER SYSTEM!

And with the ground already heavily saturated and some potential rains for the weekend on the horizon, here’s a simple plan  to make sure your gutter system is squeaky clean and ready to direct water away from the siding and foundation of your home like a pro during the next big rain.

How to Clean Gutters:

Tools needed

  1. Extendable ladder
  2. Rubber gloves
  3.  Beer 
  4. Plastic gutter scoop (your kid’s sand shovel will do just fine)
  5. A tarp
  6. Maybe another beer in case you finish the other one while you’re up there (It is Friday, after all!)

Get to it!

-Secure extendable ladder with ladder horns to the roof verses leaning against and damaging the siding of the gutters. 

(Look at this guy ^ , he's on it! Ladder horn hard at work)

-With an old shirt and rubber gloves on to protect you from any nasties, take shovel and start scooping debris from the sidings and bottom of the gutter.

-For quick clean up and to save your yard, drop gutter gunk onto the plastic tarp below

-Once cleared, flush the gutters with a garden hose

-Ensure the downspout directs water 5-10 feet away from your home

-Check the downspout cage- make sure the wire strainer designed to trap debris located where the gutter meets the downspout is not bent or out of place

-Identify any clogs near downspout elbows and seams - Working your way down from the gutter, tap the outside of the downspout with a screwdriver and listen for a dull thud verses a hollow ring sound when tapped. This will indicate the location of the clog.  Use a stick or plumbing snake to free the obstruction; otherwise, disassemble the downspout and remove the clog.

AAaand that's it! Now you're free to enjoy your weekend with the peace of mind that, come what may, your gutters are ready to get the job done. 


If this post is a little late to the party and you did happen to experience any water damage to your home due to flooding and water intrusion, call your drying experts at Premier Restoration Hawaii today!