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Asbestos Removal - Honolulu, HI

Asbestos is a serious issue when found in a home or commercial property, and having a professional team on your side to remove asbestos without causing further damage is essential. At Premier Restoration Hawaii, we are well versed in providing safe asbestos abatement throughout Honolulu and the surrounding areas, and our experienced team has the in-depth knowledge and certifications necessary to handle the most complex job—while protecting your family from the dangers of DIY asbestos removal.

Comprehensive Solutions for Honolulu Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a material that is commonly found in homes and properties that were built prior to 1980, before it was discovered that this insulating agent was responsible for serious, life-threatening health consequences. The need for asbestos testing and removal can delay a construction project or prevent you from moving into a new home, which is why Premier Restoration offers comprehensive services that include:

  • Professional Certification: All our contractors and supervisors hold AHERA certification, ensuring that your asbestos testing and removal is handled by professionals in the industry.
  • Expert Abatement: With thorough inspections, advanced safety equipment, and innovative protocols, we can safely remove all traces of asbestos to create a healthy indoor environment.
  • Full-Service Solutions: If other issues arise during your asbestos abatement, you can rest easy knowing that our crews can handle water and fire damage, mold removal, and much more.
  • Competitive Pricing: Asbestos removal is rarely a planned expense, and we work to make the project as affordable as possible to get you the professional help that you deserve.

Learn More About Our Safe, Effective Asbestos Removal Services in Honolulu

As a trusted restoration company for Honolulu residents, Premier Restoration Hawaii is proud to offer comprehensive solutions for ensuring that your local property is safe and functional—including expert asbestos abatement. Give us a call today to discuss your service needs with one of our skilled contractors, or schedule an in-home estimate now by filling out our simple, online form.