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It isn’t uncommon for a project to be delayed for a wide variety of reasons, but few are as serious as asbestos. This natural mineral is common in construction that was completed before 1980, when it was installed as a fire-retardant and used for insulation. Unfortunately, the material becomes dangerous when disturbed and inhaled, and can cause lung cancer and other diseases. Avoid the delay and plan for asbestos removal in your Hawaii home or facility from Premier Restoration Hawaii.

As an asbestos abatement contractor, we can save you time and money if asbestos is found on a water damage restoration or fire damage job as we are able to remove the asbestos in conjunction with other ongoing mitigation services.

Reliable Asbestos Abatement Services

If you need to remove asbestos, you should not do it on your own. Not only could you put yourself at risk, but you could also put anyone else who enters the building in the future at risk as well.

Our asbestos abatement department is unique for a Hawaii restoration company because:

  • Our supervisors and contractors are AHERA Certified.
  • Our AHERA Certified project managers can help identify hazards and ensure your project follows health and safety best practices.
  • Our team of personnel are cross-trained in asbestos removal and multiple restoration techniques including water damage, mold removal, fire damage, and more.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Experts

If you have a commercial property or a suite of offices that need specialized commercial asbestos removal, Premier Restoration Hawaii can help!

Schedule Asbestos Testing in Hawaii Today

Although most construction prior to 1980 will likely show presence of asbestos, that doesn’t mean it’s a sure-thing. If you want to know if asbestos is present on your property before your project gets underway, schedule asbestos testing with Premier Restoration Hawaii. We’ll come out to your location quickly and provide you with a dependable assessment. If abatement is needed, we can also provide you with an estimate and a timetable.

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